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Teacher Learning Objects

Examples of Learning Objects produced by teachers in the CELEBRATE pilots

The sound of strings
URL: http://celebrate.digitalbrain.com/celebrate/accounts/kispalne/kozos/strings/home/

This is a magic that with the help of some vibrating strings we can create music. Strings are cords that become elastic when they are expanded. How can a few elastic cords create so many kinds of sounds? This is the question we are trying to answer here.

This Learning Object is the juxtaposition of 5 other Learning Objects on the subject.

Language: en
Age: 14-18
Resource type: drill and practice
Keywords: physics
Format: application/swf
Publisher: Sulinet Multimédia
Copyright: Hachette Multimédia, 2004

Small words
URL: http://eundp.digitalbrain.com/akjern.eundp/web/En4_ord1/Ord_1_5/

Övar stavningen av några engelska ord. Många prepositioner och adverb som är vanliga redan på nybörjarstadiet kan vara svåra att skriva rätt. Här kan eleverna träna effektivt och få omedelbar respons.

Language: en
Age: 8-12
Keywords: engelska språket

URL: http://celebrate.digitalbrain.com/celebrate/accounts/zajaczne/web/mirrors/home/

It is an aid to learn about the image formation of mirrors. After studying the laws of light reflection, it shows how to construct the image of an object in a flat mirror. After studying the notable rays of a spherical mirror, the students can observe image formation, then image constructions come. We can see examples of the practical usage of mirrors in tasks. While using LO, teacher’s guidance is suggested.

Language: en
Age: 13-18
Resource type: drill and practice
Keywords: sciences, physics
Format: application/swf
Publisher: Sulinet
Copyright: yes

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